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The Laser Warehouse is the industry’s leading reseller of used aesthetic laser systems and used cosmetic laser equipment. We have handled thousands of transactions for medspas and medical pUsed Cosmetic Lasersractitioners across the U.S. and the world. Our reputation as a trusted reseller aftermarket equipment is the reason why we are one of the largest suppliers in the industry. We carry an extensive inventory of the most popular brands and models of used medical lasers used on the market today.

Lower Your Capital Investment in Revenue Generating Aesthetic Equipment

The availability of aftermarket medical laser devices has increased signicantly over recent years.  Brand new equipment sold by manufacturers often requires a substantial capital investment.  Used cosmetic lasers are an affordable alternative that allows you to easily expand the types of services you can provide your patients. 

With the recent downturn in the economy, many doctors and medspas that invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in brand new equipment are no longer in business. This equipment has flooded the market and used cosmetic lasers are available at a fraction of the original manufacturer cost.

Offer more services, increase the quality of patient care and generate new revenues while remaining highly competitive.

Aesthetic treatment services are high in demand; market research confirms this.  Having the right lasers and medical devices will ensure the operation of a successful practice.  Pre-owned equipment provides the most reasonable and cost effective means of developing a well rounded and successful practice.

Don't Pay Broker Fees - The Laser Warehouse Saves You Time and Money

The Laser Warehouse is a wholesaler. We are not brokers. We own all of the medical equipment we have in inventory. A broker will need time to source equipment that you are looking to purchase.  As a wholesaler, we have what you want in stock and can ship immediately. This allows The Laser Warehouse to sell equipment at the lowest possible cost by eliminating excessive broker fees.  We save you time and money allowing you to place income producing equipment into service, fast and with no hassle.   

Equipment Reliability

All used aesthetic lasers, IPL equipment and pre-owned cosmetic laser handpieces placed into inventory are thoroughly inspected and serviced.  Our technicians test all components and perform routine maintenance to ensure that the equipment we sell is up to manufacturer performance specifications. Equipment does not leave our warehouse without undergoing these important quality control processes.  Our Top 100 rating on DOTmed confirms The Laser Warehouse's commitment to delivering quality pre-owned equipment.  Do your research; confirm the reputation of the supplier you plan to do business with.  Unfortunately some resellers have a history of unscrupulous behavior, selling merchandise that doesn't work or not even shipping the product once funds are received.

Staff Knowledge and Expertise - We Know Our Medical Devices

With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to know what is the right equipment to invest in for your practice. All of The Laser Warehouse's staff have a background in engineering or technology.  Unlike our competitors we are not just sales people. We understand how the equipment works, the components and their functionality.  And because we handle and test a wide range of lasers and IPL equipment, before they even go on our shelves, we are highly knowledgeable on all the features and specifications among brands, models and even different generations of systems.  We can easily assist you in determining which system will provide the greatest return while expanding the quality and level of services you can provide to your patients. 


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Cosmetic Laser Repair Services

Before you replace expensive equipment, call The Laser Warehouse for a free consultation. We have certified technicians on staff that can advise you over the phone regarding your failing or broken equipment.  Many times, repairs are quick and inexpensive.  Handpiece repair is our speciality.  Our technicians have extensive experience at cosmetic laser repair services and providing maintenance for all major brands of cosmetic laser and IPL equipment.  We stock a full complement of supplies and parts for all major brands on site, minimizing repair times. 

Call us today at 954-254-4612 with your cosmetic laser repair questions.


 ** Used Aesthetic Laser Equipment
For Sale **

Inventory changes daily.
We always have inventory for Palomar, Candela, Syneron, Lumenis and all leading brands of laser equipment and handpieces.

Call for the most current listings.
We offer our units at some of the lowest pricing in the industry.


palomar laser for sale

Palomar StarLux
300 & 500

The Palomar StarLux platform utilizes Palomar's patented technological innovations that deliver faster treatments and high patient satisfaction. We carry extensive inventory for both the StarLux 300 and the StarLux 500 systems.

We also stock a wide selection of Palomar Starlux handpieces - all with low pulses and in excellent working condition. Please contact us for the most up-to-date information.

Call: 954-254-4612

syneron velashape for sale

Syneron VelaShape I

We currently have six (6) 2008 Syneron VelaShape units in stock.  These lasers are in excellent condition and priced very affordably.  All of the units have both the small and large heads. 

Take advantage of the high demand (90% of women have cellulite) for cellulite reduction treatments with a pre-owned Syneron VelaShape system. The Syneron VelaShape is non-invasive, with no patient downtime and low maintenance for the unit. 

We also have plenty of VelaShape II units and carry the VelaSmooth system - great deals are available on these devices as well.

Pricing on these 2008 VelaShapes are $14,000.

Call: 954-254-4612

syneron comet for sale

Syneron Comet

Four (4) Syneron Comet lasers are available for sale. Diode - 810 nm. Just like a Lightsheer ET or XC. 1/3 of the cost!

All units are in perfect working condition. These are in our warehouse - no waiting!

This is the predecessor to the eLaser. Great for hair removal.

Uses DSL, LV, LVA and the WRA heads for treatments.

These units are in excellent condition and priced to sell at $14,000.

Call: 954-254-4612

syneron matrix ir for sale

Syneron Matrix IR Applicator

We have a Syneron Matrix IR fractional handpiece for sale. Excellent mint condition! Only 6,000 pulses on this like new applicator.

The Matrix IR features bi-polar RF elos technology. Works with eMax and eLaser. The Matrix IR offers superlative treament of wrinkles and is part of the triniti treatment program.

The Laser Warehouse has more than 100 Syneron applicators on our shelves.  All of these units are ready to ship.  Models we carry: SR, SRA, DS, DSL AC, LV, Matrix RF, WRA, and others.  Prices vary based on the number of pulses on the unit. Call us today as we have many to choose from and can ship immediately. No waiting...

Pricing for this handpiece is $4,500.00.

Call: 954-254-4612

Palomar LuxY for Sale

Palomar LuxY Handpiece

We have 8 Palomar StarLux 300 LuxY handpieces for sale. Some are in like new condition with super low pulse counts.

Hair removal and photofacials on skin types I - VI. Large spot size, 16 x 46 mm.

We are one of the world's largest suppliers of aftermarket Palomar handpieces. Call us now for more information on these LuxY yellow handpieces and other Palomar heads. 

All equipment we sell is in excellent working condition.

The Laser Warehouse has the lowest prices and most reliable equipment on the market.  Extensive inventory is always available for Palomar handpieces and equipment. Call us now - we can ship same day! (We don't need to source equipment.)

Prices start as low as $2,250. We are looking to sell these fast.

Call now: 954-254-4612

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